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POW! Shampoo
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POW! Shampoo

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POW! Shampoo

The Mane Choice's POW! Shampoo is the start of super clean and extra shiny hair.  POW! (products obsessively working) Shampoo gets rid of build-up and impurities to leave behind hair that is more defined.  This creamy formula preps hair for conditioning and styling. 

  • Cleanses: The POW! Shampoo works to get rid of build-up and impurities without stripping the hair.
  • Seals: This product closes the cuticles for high definition & extra shine.
  • Preps: Start styles with a clean slate and hair that is ready for your deep treatment or leave-in. 
  • Scalp Health: POW! Shampoo is packed with kanka extract that helps to promote growth and treat scalp inflammation.
  • Healthy Hair: The product is infused with angelica root which works to regenerate damaged hair cells.


    Directions: Wet hair thoroughly with warm water.  Squeeze a small amount into palm of hand and massage through hair and scalp.  Rinse well. Repeat if necessary. For best results, follow with POW! Conditioner or POW! Mask. 

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